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Recently, the National Energy Board, the Department of Ecology Environment issued "on the issuance of 2018, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of coal ultra-low emissions and energy-saving targets and tasks" (the "Notice"), called on all localities continued to do over coal low-emission and energy-saving, and promote the development of clean and efficient coal. Ultra-low emissions and to promote energy-saving work in the country has been more than two years, has been established to complete the task of transformation in the eastern provinces, the transformation of the focus shifted to the central and western regions, while the transformation of scope as technology advances and the increasing demand for policy gradually extended.

Under the "notice" requirement, this year nationwide, ultra-low emissions coal power reform objectives and tasks a total of 48.68 million kilowatts, energy-saving goal is to reach 53.905 million kilowatts. In 2016, the capacity of the units involved in the transformation of two to 254.36 million kilowatts, respectively, and 189.4 million kilowatts, good reform bear fruit.

President of the State Power Environmental Protection Research Institute Zhu France and China, said: "By the end of last year, a nationwide ultra-low emissions transformation target task completion rate has reached 71%," ultra-low emissions coal and transformation better, the eastern region has been basically completed, part central provinces ahead of the completion of the task of transformation.

In 2015, the former Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board issued "the full implementation of ultra-low emissions and energy-saving programs of work-fired power plant", requires the completion of the eastern part of the overall transformation of ultra-low emissions before the end of 2017, the central region and strive in 2018 years basically completed, the completion of the western region in 2020. "2018 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of coal ultra-low emissions and energy-saving task summary table" (hereinafter referred to as "transformation task list") shows that the eastern provinces have been basically completed the transformation of ultra-low emissions, not published this year transformation capacity unit task. But it is located in the Yangtze River Delta, Jiangsu Province, still issued 1.4 million kilowatts ultra-low emissions and energy-saving renovation target of 900,000 kilowatts.

Zhu France and China, said, "in accordance with the requirements of 2015, Jiangsu has completed the ultra-low emissions and energy-saving target in 2017. However, the new policy will be more units into the transformation range, Jiangsu this year, there is still the task of transformation. In June, the State Council issued a "winning blue sky battle three-year action plan" (hereinafter referred to as "three-year action plan"), required by the end of 2020, more than 65 tons of steam key areas of coal-fired boilers have completed ultra-low emissions and energy-saving. "

It is understood that "three-year action plan" prior to the implementation of energy-saving and environmental protection requirements only for the reconstruction of more than 300,000 kilowatts of conventional units, more than 100,000 kilowatts of power plant owned units. "According to the existing requirements, including Beijing and Tianjin and the surrounding areas, the Yangtze River Delta region and Fenwei plains, including the key areas, more than 65 tons of steam boilers are also included in the scope of the transformation will involve part of 100,000 kilowatts or less captive power plant units and industrial boilers. "Zhu France and China, said," "three-year action plan" in addition to the deadline of 2020, does not provide a specific timetable for the task. Next, the key areas are the provinces in accordance with the requirements of more units, boiler transformation. "

"Task of transformation" table displays, ultra-low emissions transformation capacity this year, mainly in the western region of Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang and so on. In the trend of ultra-low emissions overall speed of the transformation, central Shanxi, Anhui, Henan and other provinces in the region have been completed ahead of the transformation target ultra-low emissions, but energy-saving task still more arduous. Among them, Henan Province this year, energy-saving target capacity of 10.8 million kilowatts, Hunan has reached 9.995 million kilowatts.

Since the ultra-low emission transformation involves the emission of pollutants and other environmental problems, caused by the high social concern. In contrast, concern about energy-saving electric power mainly from the enterprises themselves. Zhu France and China, told reporters, on the one hand is the national energy saving policy requirements, on the other hand also in line with the needs of enterprises to reduce their own costs. At present coal prices continued to run high, coal companies operating pressure, reduce production costs even more urgent demand.

In 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission, the former Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Energy Board issued "coal upgrading and transformation of energy saving action plan (2014-2020 years)", for energy-saving technology roadmap active coal-fired power units were enumerated, involving the master each link auxiliary equipment, environmental protection equipment and a total of 20 reform measures, in addition to "subcritical unit transformed into ultra (ultra) supercritical units", the rest of the technology have already matured.

In recent years, along with tighter environmental requirements, provide renovation and operation and maintenance services to the rapid development of environmental protection industry. In particular third-party environmental companies, with technical, cost and other advantages, occupy a certain share of power generation enterprise environmental transformation market. But a power industry experts said, is very difficult third-party independent companies to enter the field of environmental protection energy-saving power plant.

"Ultra-low emission increase in the transformation of the original system is new equipment, energy-saving and optimized for major transformation of existing equipment, and boiler plant, steam turbine plant than environmental protection enterprises to understand their own devices." The expert said, "Not only that as systems engineering, energy-efficient coal-fired units involved in the whole process of production, and plant operation economy, is closely related to security, not easily open to third-party companies. third-party companies to enter the energy-saving environmental protection than to enter the market face greater pressure."

Gas heating 2 tone boiler s o ps Maintenance brief (two) to share with you a small series of measures dry gas heating boiler maintenance, then share with you another maintenance measures that the maintenance of the wet method. Three wet maintenance method: (1) After heating boiler shutdown, we must first produced during the operation dirt clearing is completed, in the process should have a tubing connections with the outside world were cut block. (2) the internal heating boiler filled with demineralized water, avoid incorporation of air, in the process, should be carefully monitored to ensure no leakage of boiler. (3) filled with the gas heating boiler, an alkaline solution, the surface of the metal protective layer produced alkaline, boiler avoid corrosion phenomena. The above are some commonly used method of wet maintenance of boilers, of course, you may also have better ways, who will need to be different debugging, and choose a more appropriate and reasonable ways and means depending on the situation. In short, boiler maintenance shutdown of the boiler is the process of using a more important part to ensure that the boiler can always be safe and stable up and running.

These materials fall back down into the main furnace as well. These two components make up the primary recirculation loop. Bed media, fuel particles and ash escaping this primary collection mechanism will be collected using cyclone separators following the superheaters and delivered back the bed. This is the secondary recirculation loop. The 2 tone boiler s o p will be supplied with superheaters, economizers, refractory lined water wall and steam drum. Primary and secondary combustion air will be preheated by exiting flue gas following the economizer.

Fast wns side 2 tone boiler s o p fast wns advantages square boiler technology core (1) housing a high thickness compared with the conventional package boiler, boiler housing insulation effect has been greatly improved condensed steam, the boiler 2mm thick printing plate, and insulation felt and wool and aluminum silicate composition are combined. (2) water level detected by the addition of 5 low water level is detected directly inside the protective tube boiler water level, greatly improving the reliability level detection system. Detecting the differential pressure level, forming multi-level protection system (3) adding a low water level detection means detecting the scale drum inner protection, can close the boiler water shortage alarm processing and to ensure the safe operation of the boiler; outer alarm level, the differential pressure constituting a plurality of water level detecting levels of protection systems. (4) automatic operation, ease of operation and the automatic fire detection automatic adjustment control of the combustion flame can be achieved, the inlet temperature of the boiler can be displayed directly to the condenser, direct knowledge of temperature, current level and other operating parameters. Flue gas monitoring means to automatically detect the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler, the boiler combustion control easier. Advantages Fast wns boiler side - side core technical features fast wns finned tube boiler: the heat exchange tubes with fins, the heat transfer tubes heated area increases, the efficiency of using the aluminum compound to improve heat transfer material, reduce corrosion damage. Fine grinding tube surface, contact heat resistance is low, waste heat generated by friction to reduce heat transfer tubes of high stability, easy to wear and prolong the service life characteristics controllers: Advanced mainly reflected in: processing units belonging to rely on other, now custom processing equipment, processing data by testing internal waves bile. Before processing, a line should be drawn from different waves of contraction to be increased correspondingly, the position of the processing line. First, the first wave was heated to 700 ℃ ~ 750 ℃, and then to a top wheel through. After molding, the size should be tested and refined appearance amounts, on the side to be cut according to the size of the drawing after passing. There are two sets of equipment. The device uses the principle of local heating and rolling, rather than the traditional corrugated press furnace. It has fewer molds, precise dimensional control, easy operation, a wide range of advantages workpiece.

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