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609, why the steam boiler is replaced by electric heating gas steam boiler steam boiler is replaced why the electric heating gas furnace compared with the steam boiler steam, and the higher production requirements, pressure increases with increasing temperature. In recent years, new thermoelectric organic heat transfer oil furnace is also known as heat transfer oil furnace. we usually referred to as gas steam heater. it combustible gas and electrical energy to thermal conduction of the heat medium oil high oil outlet to 400c, heat device connected to the hot water more environmentally friendly and energy saving compared with the steam boiler, saving up to 40% to 55% oil furnace using electric heating and the conductive loop. different steam, the steam is directly discharged after use, heat can not be recovered heating stable, accurate temperature control. gas steam boiler and the heat transfer pipe are stable, unlike a steam boiler steam temperature fluctuations in the system, gas and steam electric furnace facilitate automatic control microcomputer electric heating oil heater low and high temperatures are secure, gas and steam heated to 340 degrees at normal pressure, does not evaporate. steam reach the same temperature, the saturation pressure 14.593MPa. hot water boiler must be in order to achieve a certain pressure High water temperature. If you want to get a temperature of 280 degrees Celsius, the pressure should be reached 6.412MPa. Therefore, gas steam heater has a good safety performance heat transfer oil furnace electric heating with low cost, low investment, easy to manufacture and so on. due to the low heat transfer oil furnace operating pressures, significantly easier to manufacture than the steam boilers and hot water boilers, low cost, small investment. in general, class E with twelve kinds of boiler or pressure vessel manufactured qualified manufacturers have the ability to produce hot oil furnace .609,

The Secretary-General Wang Group to a variety of innovative measures gave high praise, the use of multimedia technology exhibition virtual and digital technology to explain the esoteric boiler technology, not only new forms but also improve viewing and exploration interest, indeed boiler technology showcase of a major undertaking; clean fuel test Center is the real installation run a variety of products, set energy efficiency testing, the burner test, strengthen research experiment of heat transfer, centralized control system as a whole, provide a true and reliable test data support for a variety of indicators, to promote gas-fired boiler development of the industry plays an important role.

How to calculate gas consumption Gas steam boiler Gas steam boiler air consumption how to calculate: there are a lot of users do not know how to calculate the gas consumption of gas steam boiler steam boiler gas before you buy, there are many user calls consultation, the issue it has been plagued by some users, this morning it decided to write articles about it again, "how gas consumption gas steam boiler computing", following on from me explain to you about the principles of operation of the gas boiler gas consumption formulas and gas boiler. 1. First, we first look at the gas steam boiler operating principle: the pressure of the fuel through the gas line is controlled by the flow valve through the ignition burner Automatic combustion air, the heat emitted by the heating surface of the boiler sufficiently absorbed (three return) flue gas (carbon dioxide and water) into the atmosphere through the chimney. 2. Gas-fired steam boiler fuel consumption cost analysis (we have a 4-ton gas-fired boiler, for example) fuel light oil and gas projects Rated evaporation 4t / h2t / h thermal efficiency of 92% to 92% fuel heating value 8500Kal boiler / Nm310300Kal / Kg fuel consumption amount 300Nm3 / h24Kg / h auxiliary mechanical and electrical consumption 11KW · H11KW · H fuel Price yuan / Nm3 yuan / Kg fuel costs per hour yuan per hour RMB auxiliary mechanical and electrical consumption costs the first year cost of fuel (million, according to 350 days / annualized) in the auxiliary equipment costs (million yuan, according to 350 days / year basis) of the total cost (million, according to 350 days / year basis) (Note: at 12 hours per day) 3 can be roughly summed up the table above to see a: full load per unit time difference of many operating costs, especially compared with the fuel gas. Of course, its operating advantages and disadvantages: the relative running disappointment source gas boiler in terms of impact, but the large-capacity electric boiler operating electrical equipment network difficult and requires a large-capacity transformer request by; fuel oil boiler by factors influence the larger. In terms of environmental protection, the most environmentally friendly power, followed by gas and oil. In terms of operating costs, natural gas is the most economical, followed by oil and electricity. Proposed conditional user preferred gas boiler, not only because of its low operating costs and environmental protection.

What problems should be paid attention to in maintenance Electric normal pressure Boiler

Nowadays, advanced electric atmospheric pressure boilers need to be used in industrial production as well as in daily life. However, the electric atmospheric pressure boiler is a highly operational mechatronics equipment, such as customer inspection, maintenance is not timely will result in equipment line aging, equipment oil circuit and oil pump wear and so on. Therefore, users need to pay attention to the maintenance of equipment when running boilers, then, what problems should users pay attention to in the maintenance of electric pressure boilers with good performance?

1, pay attention to stop furnace detection electric atmospheric pressure boiler in the maintenance, users should let the equipment according to the normal shutdown procedure operation to achieve slow cooling, at the same time, Users should use pot water circulation and furnace ventilation to gradually reduce the temperature in the pot and furnace. It is worth noting that when opening the door hole of the equipment, users need to pay attention to preventing the burning of steam, hot water and flue gas in the boiler.

2, note that when users maintain the insulation, the combustor and flue of the detected atmospheric pressure boiler should be separated from the total flue or the other running boiler flue. The test results are as follows: (1) the combustor and flue of the tested atmospheric pressure boiler should be separated from the main flue or other running boiler. And the flue gate should be closed tightly, and in the partition after ventilation. In addition, the blind plate used in equipment partition should have sufficient strength and hardness to avoid being bulged by high pressure medium in the operation of electric normal pressure boiler, and the partition position should be clearly indicated to avoid confusion.

3, note that the user must completely cut off the connection pipe between the vessel and the gas equipment, especially to the combustible and toxic medium equipment before the inspection of the atmospheric pressure vessel is carried out by the user of the equipment container. In addition, the equipment container not only needs to close the equipment valve, but also needs to use the blind plate of the equipment to close the valve so as to prevent the gas leakage into the container and cause the fire explosion or poisoning accident of the valve so as to cause the combustible or toxic gas to leak into the container.

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Quartz heating elements are most often used in industrial applications since they are able to provide faster process speeds. Quartz Heating Elements Backer Hotwatt, Inc. Quartz is an ideal heating element, working well as an electrical insulator because it is heat-resistant and passes heat with very little absorption.

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damaged heating element is found after a fire, the fire investigator needs to determine how the heater failed and if the heater or a failure of the heater was the cause of the fire. Whether or not a fire, water loss or injury occurred, characterizing damage to the subject and exemplar

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quartz tube electric water boiler heating element. quartz tube electric water boiler heating element,US $ 1 - 15 / Piece, Jiangsu, China (Mainland), Liaison Quartz, QL-06.Source from Lianyungang . Get a qoute

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