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The common corrosion of industrial sugar factory boiler jobs is mainly oxygen corrosion and scale corrosion, and the main measures to prevent it are as follows:

1 do a good job in water supply treatment: Dissolved oxygen, iron ions and low pH values in the feed water all contribute to corrosion of boiler metals. Therefore, water supply should be deaerated as far as possible, feed water pH value should be greater than 7; Attention should be paid to the control of iron ion content for the recovery of steam condensing water for feedwater. Sometimes the condensation water usually contains yellow rust water as soon as the steam system is started. At this time, it should be properly discharged until the iron content is qualified before it can be used as boiler feed water.

2 keep the water quality of the pot up to standard: Generally speaking, too high salt and chlorine content in pot water, too low or too high pH value and alkalinity will increase corrosion. Therefore, it is necessary to discharge water reasonably, maintain a certain pH value, alkalinity and PO43- content of boiler water in order to keep the quality of boiler water up to standard, which can not only prevent scaling, but also be beneficial to anticorrosion.

3 prevent subscale corrosion: After scaling on the heated surface of the boiler, the pot water infiltrated under the scale will be extremely concentrated at high temperature and chemical reaction will take place, resulting in all kinds of scale corrosion, but the coverage of the scale is often difficult to detect. Therefore, boiler scaling should be cleaned and removed in time.

4. To form a protective film on the surface of the metal: For newly installed boilers, a good cooking effect should enable the metal surface to form a complete passivation protective film. Under the operating conditions, when the pot water maintains a suitable pH value (generally 10 μ 12) and a certain amount of phosphate and carbonate, it is also helpful to form a dense protective film on the surface of the metal and slow down the corrosion. However, if the boiler water quality is not well controlled, especially if the pH value is too low or too high, the protective film will often be destroyed.

5 do a good job of shut-down and maintenance: The corrosion of many boilers is often caused by improper maintenance when the boiler is shut down, and the corrosion products produced when the boiler is shut down are often accelerated when the boiler is in operation. Therefore, when shutting down the furnace, the maintenance work must be done in accordance with the requirements of the regulations.

Fast sugar factory boiler jobs has been achieved NOx <20mg / m3 ultra-low emissions of nitrogen boiler boiler according to the latest industry survey shows that fast boiler is the only country able to design, manufacture nitrogen oxide emissions below 20 mg of low nitrogen high-tech enterprises, low nitrogen water-tube boilers, low nitrogen steam boilers, hot water boilers and low nitrogen vacuum heat boiler series offers support for the food, chemical, textile, mining, nonferrous metals, and other industries and central heating.

Industrial steam sugar factory boiler jobss noise reduction method which reduces noise industrial steam boilers What are the methods? As long as the machine will sound during operation, but the decibels of sound, large and small, the sound becomes noise, high-decibel noise will make people feel irritable, headaches, noise on the human body much harm. The cause of serious human endocrine disorders and even mental disorders. This not only does not interfere with people's normal life, but also promote high-efficiency steam boiler operation. Boilers running noisy, more than people can afford decibels. But the high temperature flue gas boiler. If a closed acoustic mode, the device will not be heated and important equipment in the boiler combustion. Industrial steam boilers method of noise reduction: 1 reduction measures boiler pump: Boiler pump noise emitted usually caused by two noises: the noise and the noise flow pump structure itself. Flow emitted noise is periodic pulsatile pumping system at full speed, and high-speed turbulence or cavitation in the pump. Noise generated by mechanical vibrations of the pump structure or vibrations caused by pulsation of the liquid pumps and pipes caused. Pump and motor noise through the pipeline insulation and insulation layer or cover made of a sound-absorbing material, or the partition will be closed to reduce the pump and motor. Vibrating the wall of a noise insulating material may be partially absorbed and a control to reduce transmission of noise. The exhaust gas boiler noise reduction measures: (1) When the exhaust gas, high temperature and high pressure steam is injected to the atmosphere, the jet noise is generated. This noise can be injection orifice muffler, the muffler is attached to the vent orifice; (2) injection orifice muffler structure, pores having a size between 1 ~ 3mm, more than 5 times the center distance hole, open the total area of ​​the holes should be larger than the original area of ​​the exhaust gas of 1.5 to 2 times; 3 in the choice of the exhaust muffler, the muffler should be noted that the exhaust gas temperature and flow rates in order to satisfy the exhaust requirements, maintain a certain strength and corrosion resistance and note the freezing cold steam danger zone overpressure exhaust. 3. The boiler blower noise is mainly from three noise: fan noise caused by air vibration, noise and frictional noise between the rotor body and the operation of the vibration caused by the stator. In general, noise in the air is greatest, typically in excess of the sum of the other. Installation of the fan blades in the muffler, the entire semi-enclosed motor, noise propagation blocking the pathway from the housing, having good silencing performance. Whole-mount power fan may be mounted-enclosure, the entire blower housing can be built, inlet, outlet may hit the cover, and then loaded on the muffler.

Why do you want to be purged before sugar factory boiler jobs ignition and its tail pressure Description: knowledge and mastery learning boiler regard, the following will be continued, because this work is not yet complete, it can not be stopped. So, based on this, and so we have some gains and progress, without further ado, to immediately proceed with it, hoping to achieve the above purpose. Related workers 1. boiler water quality testing, and whether special operations personnel? And, on the boiler steam box, why should a fire be arranged exhaust pipes? For a question, the answer is yes, that is, the relevant operator of the boiler water quality testing, and is part of special operations personnel, or that belong to special equipment operator. In the boiler, which is arranged on the object of fire steam manifold exhaust duct, there are mainly two, one is for discharging air in the boiler starts to play the second is a safety valve for overpressure protection, and exhaust steam.

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