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How to deal with a hot water heating system, a hot water heating system dirt long run, the system will gather a lot of dirt and water stains, if not addressed, will affect the operating results and boiler tsp dosing in power plant heating effect. How to deal with these stains and scale? 1, the water is softened salt water against calcium and magnesium scale these major induced species, the effective use of long soft water treatment method, i.e. sodium ions to soften. This caused the water in the boiler will scale method to dispose of the material and not into the circulatory system is and should be in the affirmative. If the raw water is injected and the whole heating system are replenishment of demineralized water, then the residue under high hardness standard soften water, water will not fully described actuation handle clean dirt substances, also in the raw water and softened water replenishment systems are state will produce a certain amount of water residue. Thereby associate the water treatment device to the magnetic field in recent years, which is manufactured in accordance with the water after a certain strength of the magnetic field into the boiler, causing crystallization of salt water scale is changed such that the new scale not generated, prompting the old dirt shedding It becomes sludge. I would like to note that, even when used in combination, the residual hardness of the water because the system will generate a certain amount of water residue. 2, decontamination decontamination disposed in the boiler room and the indoor inlet duct system, so as to effectively separate the water residue. But practice shows that separation effect is limited. In particular inlet disposed in the boiler room decontamination, it can be said that almost no separation. Regardless of which design is a vertical or horizontal filter and is used in larger volume to achieve the purpose of precipitating impurities separated from the water. Can imagine, however, the speed of water flow in the pipe nearly 2 meters / second metal filter unbearable flow impact force, coupled with the effects of corrosion life of the filter is difficult to maintain more than one month. And the volume of decontamination of how limited it can produce precipitation. Cyclone decontamination emerged in recent years is also problematic, this method often used in the separation of the gas particles. Water is different, the proportion of slag sand and clay in the composition with water in a large difference is only large particles, fine particles can not be separated, so decontamination cyclone separation effect is limited. So I did not have a good practice of separating the role of decontamination do? Yes, a large volume of decontamination tanks can play a good role separation. 3, in the boiler blowdown steam boiler blowdown is very important, and the effect is very clear, whether periodic or continuous blowdown discharge can effectively expel excess boiler water salinity. But in hot water boiler blowdown effect is not very obvious. The difference is that: first steam boiler feed water per hour only 10T, while the hot water boiler with capacity for 240T. It can be seen in the water flow of the hot water boiler is particularly large, as compared with more than 20 times the capacity of a steam boiler. The most commonly used method is to discharge, the circulation pump outage for 2 hours and then precipitated impurities in the water to be seen until the water drain valve is opened. However, this method has limited effect discharge, and the drum is provided as outfall lower header tank can not be drained away precipitate. 4, for cleaning stains proved that treatment by chemical and mechanical methods of combining the most effective cleaning slag. Some people think that after you configure a valid demineralized water facilities in the heating system and no more effort to clean. This concept is not realistic, it should be said, that there must be softened water treatment, but also combined with the cleaning method is the most effective and thorough approach. (1) inside the boiler cleaning winter operation after opening the boiler we can see a lot of red fluffy black slag deposited on the bottom of the drum and the collection box, also seen in the sheet-like water residue adhered drum, a water-cooled wall, the inner wall of the smoke pipe and collection tank. The water wash residue can be chemically or mechanically. Conventional mechanical means is prepurge; a better cleaning effect, but the pot is limited space, especially for pyrotechnic impossible to use the boiler tubes. Methods of chemical cleaning with high pressure water boiling out mechanical grab combination is effective, to the extent that can meet heating surface qualities of the composition. (2) After cleaning the winter run outside the network and indoor facilities outside the network and indoor facilities in the slag should also be cleaned, clean room facilities often simple people start cleaning, extranet cleaning slag recycling can be used under the functioning of the pump system in the room to deal with the sewage entrance decontamination method.

How to using a boiler tsp dosing in power plant economizer with high efficiency?

What is a Industry boiler economizer?

The onset of winter, to ensure the safe operation of heating boiler tsp dosing in power plants, recently, Fengning, Hebei Province Market Authority to schools, hospitals, residential, hotels, enterprises and other crowded places as the focus, to carry out security checks special action winter heating boiler.

The boiler safety inspection to check whether the action is mainly for the use of registration certificate, whether or not the maintenance, overhaul and maintenance, boiler safety accessories are conducted periodic inspection; the use of units to establish whether the relevant rules and regulations and safety rules, file information is complete, run record is perfect; whether the unit is equipped with the required safety management, whether fireman and water treatment personnel certificates; whether developed special equipment safety measures and emergency rescue plan, with related emergency rescue equipment.

Through this inspection, supervision and special equipment unit firmly establish the safety production of "red line consciousness" to strengthen the routine inspection of the unit and boiler maintenance work in a timely manner to eliminate potential accidents.

Internal CFB Boiler design

Internal natural circulation CFB boiler was designed to fire a Chinese anthracite coal at the steam conditions. The anthracite coal has a relatively low volatile matter content (8.5 per cent by weight as received) and high ash content (35 per cent as received). The lower calorific value is 4 420 kcal/kg (18.5 MJ/Kg). Circulating fluidized bed (CFB) combustion technology has proven its ability to efficiently burn a wide range of fuels while being friendly to the environment. It has proven successful for the combustion of sulphur- and ash-rich coals, such as low bituminous coal or anthracite, as well as residues of coal mining operation.

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Boiler Tsp Dosing In Power Plant Steam Turbine, Steam Boiler, Power Plant, Steam 2019-8-14 ·, a forum on Steam Turbine, Steam Boiler, Power Plant, Steam Power, Steam Power Plant, HRSG, Supercritical boilers, Coal Fired Boilers and CCGT.

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Dissolved Oxygen & TECHNICAL NOTE Hydrazine Monitoring On

boiler plants is vital if the plant is to run efficiently, and to be cost effective, with minimum down time. Even small quantities of dissolved oxygen in boiler water are capable of causing severe pitting in boilers of all pressures, and will reduce the boiler life dramatically. In boilers where high

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Phosphate Dosing Point In High Pressure Boiler. Good day everyone. I'm currently working in a coal fired power plant industry with boiler pressure around 206 bar (HP, IP, and LP turbines). Today, the power plant is at its commissioning stage and I only provide support to the commissioning team such as review of documents needed for turn-over.

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In all power plants usually hydrazine is used for LP dosing

Jun 22, 2011 · Answers. Oldest Best Answer: Hydrazine is continuously dozed to de aerator and Trisodium Phosphate to Boiler drum as need. De aerator is a tank where treated water from Demineralised watertank. Here condensate from all plant collected after treatment and a low power steam Ex-3.5 Kg/cm2 along with this to remove Dissolved Oxygen.

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Preservation of power plant boilers/heat recovery steam

In recent years, the rapidly increasing price of natural gas, overbuilding of new generating capacity and the increasing contribution of renewable energy have been forcing combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) and conventional power plant (CPP) units to be shut down for short periods of a few days or extended periods of up to several months, or more.

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7.0 Chemical Treatment

control is required. Many of these boilers are controlled by manual testing, but automatic control is preferred, especially in higher pressure systems. xHigh pressure boilers, between about 900 and 1200 psig, are used primarily for electric power generation, in large industrial plants and power stations. Feedwater is

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Technical Guidance Document: Steam Purity for Turbine Operation

Steam Purity for Turbine Operation 2013 International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam Publication in whole or in part is allowed in all countries provided that attribution is given to the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam President: Professor Tamara Petrova Moscow Power Engineering Institute

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What Is a Boiler Feed Water Treatment System and How Does It

Sep 26, 2016 · Makeup water intake. Makeup water, or the water replacing evaporated or leaked water from the boiler, is first drawn from its source, whether raw water, city water, city-treated effluent, in-plant wastewater recycle (cooling tower blowdown recycle), well water, or any other surface water source.

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May 23, 2016 · In power plant boiler mainly four type of gauge glass used for showing the exact level of water in steam drum. These gauge glass are fowling:-a. Flat Glass Type b. Ported Type c. Tubular Type d. Reflex Type Ported Type gauge glass can be used up to 210 Kg/Cm2. Flat glass type can be used for pressure up to 140 Kg/Cm2.

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Table 7-4.Trisodium Phosphate Dosage For Natural Circulation

The boiler water volume for chemical treatment must be determined as described earlier. Using this volume, the dosages of TSP and DSP are calculated. Table 7-4 gives the TSP dosage fac-tor (ounces per gallon) for all values of alkalinity.

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CASE STUDY 1-WATERWALL TUBE BURST IN A CFBC BOILER The first CFBC boiler in this plant was commissioned in October 2009. The power plant had been in operation for a total period of 326 hrs. Within this period, there had been 34 stoppages. Out of these stoppages, three were due to waterwall tube bursts experienced in the LH & RH side wall panels

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information of power plant boiler trisodium phospate reaction

Alkaline-Type Boiler Tube Failures Induced by Phosphate Alkaline-Type Boiler Tube Failures is injected into the boiler drum. It may be recalled that the refinery used only trisodium phosphate in its boiler information of power plant boiler trisodium phospate. View More; trisodium phosphate reaction in boiler drum | CFB power

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boiler tsp dosing in power plant Using of congruent phosphate as equilibrium phosphate 2014-5-15·Using of congruent phosphate as equilibrium phosphate boilers water treatment I. M. Baghni & A. I. Zwebek is dosing of tri-sodium phosphate (TSP), it reacts with water at high temperature and gives Power generation boiler working at 43 bar, generate an average 170 ton/hr steam

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Selecting a Combined Cycle Water Chemistry - POWER Magazine

Steam from auxiliary boilers is frequently utilized in combined cycle power plants for purposes such as pegging the deaerator during startup, holding vacuum overnight, or hotwell sparging.

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