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How to treat project proposal for funding boiler project waste water

During the long-term operation of boiler, the water treatment equipment will inevitably aging. When the equipment is in abnormal operation, the pollution density of the water supply is larger, and there is a certain amount of sediment in the water supply process. When the water with sediment component evaporates in the boiler and more sediment materials are precipitated, the boiler pipe will be blocked, the heat dissipation effect will be poor, and the probability of tube burst will occur. The formation of boiler slag will clog the furnace tube and cause tube explosion if it is not discharged out of the furnace at regular intervals. At the same time, it also reduces the heat transfer effect.

Problems of industrial project proposal for funding boiler project water quality testing process industrial boiler water quality testing process there is present in the presence of water testing boiler problem during industrial Question 1, water scaling problems of industrial boiler during operation, the key indicators are mainly water and alkalinity water hardness. Boiler water alkalinity is scale. Industrial boiler water quality testing process in the presence of water scaling problems for the efficiency of the boiler operation has an important influence. The reason scale problems mainly due during boiler operation, some units and related personnel for the importance of the work of inadequate water treatment, water treatment work thus relatively neglected. At the same time, understanding industrial boilers is also one of the important reasons of scale problems. 2, boiler industrial boiler corrosion problems during operation, that the environment is very bad, there are a lot of alkaline substances and acids. The presence of these substances are boiler would cause adverse effects. Currently, some chemical companies into the production process, the materials that are used in a certain corrosive, which would cause corrosion of the boiler to a large extent, thus affecting the results of its operations. In addition, industrial processes, the agents used, the ratio unreasonable or arbitrary ratio is also an important reason leading to the boiler corrosion. In addition, improper cleaning and protection of the boiler is also an important cause of corrosion problems. 3, water treatment equipment problems With the rapid development of modern industry, water treatment devices have gradually been widely introduced into the market. Currently, in the market, the quality of the water treatment plant equipment is uneven, and thus difficult to play a role in the application. At the same time, water treatment equipment in the application process, some enterprises failed to give due importance to its relationship with water quality requirements, leading to difficult to play effective in actual operation. In addition, when using the water treatment plant, did not do the appropriate acceptance and implementation of the appropriate software is not enough and so on, also contributed to the water treatment plant is difficult to play important pragmatic reasons. 4, boiler maintenance problems in the field of modern industry, industrial boilers industrial production is an important key device, thereby enhancing the maintenance of the boiler also very necessary. However, industrial boilers in actual use, maintenance has been neglected status. This is mainly due to the seasonal nature boiler will exist in the application process, and thus in the maintenance process, should be maintained in accordance with the actual situation. But in the actual work, this work due to human factors and institutional factors and many other factors, it is difficult to smoothly, thereby affecting the operation of the boiler. In summer, for example, due to the presence of water vapor and oxygen gas, which is more prone to water film, not subjected to treatment once bound to increase the corrosion rate of the boiler.

It is understood, Shaanxi Province, 2018 - Continuing to promote the 2019 inspection work in key areas of defense sky war, now in its third phase. November 22, according to the requirements of the program of work for the inspection team to carry out all the Guanzhong area of ​​Shaanxi Province counties (cities, districts) inspection work, inspected 262 units, identify problems and 49, have been transferred to the supervision of Shaanxi Province 20 .

20 environmental issues in the supervision, accounting for 8 in Xi'an, Weinan City, accounting for 7, Baoji City accounted for two, accounting for two Xianyang City, a Korean city of Tongchuan City, Yangling Demonstration Zone and the New West Ham is not problem found.

More units found the problem, companies of "scattered dirt," the one, accounting for 5%; industrial pollution prevention and control 10, accounting for 50%; a coal-fired boiler renovation, accounting for 5%; comprehensive management of dust 1 , accounting for 5%; complaints 4, accounting for 20%; at three open burning control, accounting for 15%.

First, before the electric project proposal for funding boiler project maintenance, we must first cut off the power, so can guarantee the security of subsequent operations. Second, the electric boiler is mainly composed of a body, the electronic control box, the control system and various power cable. Maintenance of these components, the control should be checked once in two months, and for the electric boiler burners, the process requires the use of every two months to remove some of the removed dust, etc.; surface is required for each photocell It may be wiped once; in addition to the filter in the pump, but also carry out regular checks. But be warned: Do not destroy the sealed pad to avoid damage to the pump. Third, the process of using electric boilers, the safety valve to be moving once a day, to prevent rust lose their function. Fourth, after all the inspection work, we need to put all the tools and materials belong to the set up, into the specified location, and then make inquiries after the safety record for later use.

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