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In the actual industrial production, a lot of the production process using an instant gas consumption, not to our conventional calculation method calculation. The case of gas-fired gas consumption is divided into two types: gas consumption stable and unstable gas consumption. 1, gas consumption stable (8 hours and 10 tons of gas boiler feed kya hai, for example)

As early as abroad in the 1970s had developed exhaust gas temperature is 40 ~ 50 ℃ condensing gas boiler feed kya hai. The so-called condensing gas boiler is to use a condensing heat exchanger in the exhaust gas boiler steam condenses down, in order to achieve improved thermal efficiency boiler, gas boiler to reduce pollution. Since the fuel gas in the boiler used in most of the hydrocarbon, the higher the flue gas water vapor content, and is much larger than the coal-fired boilers. If the exhaust gas temperature is higher than the flue gas dew point temperature, water vapor as latent heat of the flue gas drained, it will take away a lot of heat. In North Shaanxi an example, wherein the hydrocarbon fraction accounted for 95.5% by volume, containing a large amount of hydrogen in the fuel element, the exhaust contains large amounts of steam, if the temperature is lowered to a dew point temperature of exhaust gas, the exhaust in the flue gas recovery section sensible heat and latent heat of the steam, the thermal efficiency of the boiler can be improved 1O% to 15%, a considerable number.

To reduce the total coal consumption, reduce air pollutant emissions, Guigang Municipal People's Government announced the latest "2019 Guigang tackling air pollution control plan" proposed scheme: Guigang City is actively taking measures to reduce coal comprehensive use of renewable energy , natural gas, electricity and other energy alternatives to coal consumption, reduce the proportion of coal consumption, focusing on reducing the total non-electric coal consumption. New coal projects to implement alternative coal reduction, the implementation of inventory management, so that statistics can be verified.

Details are as follows.

First, the implementation of the total coal consumption control. Take measures to reduce overall coal, renewable energy, natural gas, electricity and other energy alternatives to coal consumption, reduce the proportion of coal consumption, focusing on reducing the total non-electric coal consumption. New coal projects to implement alternative coal reduction, the implementation of inventory management, so that statistics can be verified. October 2018 in conjunction with the regional government Council issued the "Guangxi county industrial park planning and adjustment plan" and other industrial park planning and implementation of the adjustment, the promotion of industrial parks to carry out "an area a heat source" upgrade, encourage 300,000 kilowatts or more coal-fired heating unit carried out the transformation in cogeneration planning guidance to promote the backward small coal-fired and coal-fired thermoelectric heat within the range of (biomass) integrated boiler shut down.

Second, accelerate the comprehensive improvement of backward small boilers. According to the State Administration of Work Market and three ministries "on the strengthening of energy-saving environmental protection boiler" (National City Supervisor ad hoc [2018] No. 227) requirements to promote energy efficient boiler environmental protection, energy-saving environmental protection to promote the transformation of boilers, eliminate backward boiler. Coal-fired boilers built-up area to carry out an intensive investigation, the investigation out of the coal-fired boilers to register one by one, to establish accounting and inventory management, according to local conditions, Take Measures to develop small boiler (10 tons of steam per hour and below) Integrated remediation plan, the classification proposed remediation requirements, before the end of May 2019, the Municipal environmental Protection Bureau for the record. Carry out a comprehensive district built 10 tons of steam per hour and small coal-fired boilers out of work, according to the law to increase efforts to eliminate small coal-fired boilers in accordance with regulations, in 2019 the completion of small coal-fired boilers out of the task; all kinds of more than 10 tons of steam coal boiler strengthen environmental law enforcement supervision, strict implementation of emission standards for boilers that can not be stable discharge standards, shall order rectification according to law, after rectification still do not meet the requirements, shall not continue to use; to strengthen environmental law enforcement supervision of biomass boilers, in particular to strengthen regulatory biomass boiler ban on high-pollution fuel combustion zone of the city; biomass boilers boiler should be dedicated, efficient dust bags and other supporting facilities, prohibit blended with other fuels such as coal. The city and county-level cities above the built-up area in principle, to create a new 35 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired boilers and other regions in principle no longer new 10 tons of steam per hour and below the coal-fired boilers.

Burner failure is something many users will encounter gas boiler feed kya hai, but also a very difficult thing. Note that when the burner gas boilers emit different sounds and normal operation or different vibration frequencies, it is likely that the burner is faulty, fireman personnel to view and resolve promptly the job.

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BFS Industries, LLC

BFS Industries, LLC manufactures a complete line of boiler room and diesel generator support products, including deaerators in spray, tray, and packed column type; boiler feed and condensate systems; and oil pumping systems and day tanks.

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