wood boiler water mantle

Bagasse biomass fired wood boiler water mantle is a type of biomass fired boiler which is environmentally friendly and becoming more and more popular around the world. Bagasse fired boiler is a natural water tube circulation boiler, and it is specialized for burning bagasse with moisture in range of 50-52%, and it also burn the other biomass fuels, which have low density such as palm shell, rice husk, wood waste, wood chips, straw, bark, etc.

The 7 ton wood biomass wood boiler water mantle produced by ZG boiler is a chain grate biomass boiler that uses a layer-fired + suspended combustion mode to burn lighter wood pellets on the grate and subtly The membrane water wall generally used for power station boilers is applied to the boiler, which increases the heat transfer area of ​​the boiler and makes the combustion more complete.

Recently, Shaanxi Province, issued a "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standards" ( "Standards"), the "standard" in the concentration of air pollutants emission limits thermal power wood boiler water mantles and industrial boilers, we have developed a monitoring requirements.

Thermal power generation boilers including boilers of various capacities and various gas turbine capacity, fuel main types of coal, natural gas, oil, biomass, like other gas. Use gangue, oil shale, petroleum coke, fuel, sludge and other coal-fired power boilers reference emission limits fired boilers performed.

Industrial boilers including industrial boilers, various types of fuel capacity mainly coal, gas, oil, biomass, and so on. Boilers using coal, coal water slurry, coal waste, semi-coke, petroleum coke, oil shale and other fuel fired boilers performed with reference to emission limits. Using alcohol fuel (e.g., methanol, ethanol, dimethyl ether, etc.) with reference to the boiler exhaust gas boiler limits performed. Oil and gas dual-fuel boiler in accordance with the type of execution are oil-fired boiler and gas boiler emission standards. Other types of fuel mixed fuel boilers by performing more stringent emission standards.

The level of development of the industry and domestic and international comparative analysis gap - fuel gas-fired wood boiler water mantles, biomass boilers 1 Fuel gas-fired boiler fuel gas-fired boiler horizontal development originated in Europe, such as Cochran, Lancashire; therefore Horizontal Oil and Gas Fired Boiler Technology Europe has been a leader in Europe again as the benchmark German boiler manufacturing technology, currently well-known European brands Bosch (Rolls), Viessmann, Ferroli, Hoval, Cochran, United States Fulton, House special, CB boilers. In Europe three-pass boiler mainly horizontal, or add tail economizer, exhaust minimum design around 110 deg.] C, was added a small amount of the exhaust gas temperature around the condenser 55 ℃; U.S. horizontal boiler return in two or four-pass structure. Our horizontal boiler developed rapidly, mainly in the three return main part of the condensing boiler using two horizontal return plus energy-saving and condenser, structural design has been very mature, manufacturing level has been less than foreign companies. Fuel gas-fired water tube boiler technology comes mainly from the former Soviet Union, famous brands Alstom, the United States and 芬兰诺威特 CB, water tube boiler design China has reached a high level, there are double drum "D" type, "O "type, the three drum type" A ", single drum" π "type, forced circulation" π "shaped tube frame structure design are mature, the domestic market for the introduction of 芬兰诺威特 plumbing tube furnace and convection combination smoke type furnace, overhead burner; Alstom tube furnace convection module assembly for the front plus the flag type furnace. In Europe, condensing gas boiler is widely used, but the European condensing boilers are small capacity boilers, less large condensing boiler; a monolithic multi-condensing boiler, furnace boiler applied less ordinary form of a condenser; less 1.4MW condensation boiler with a premix burner; multi-cast aluminum-silicon alloy material and a steel material; heating surface enhanced heat transfer using a special multi-heated element; and multiple heat pumps, solar heating systems and other components, thereby obtaining a higher energy efficiency. While the United States is currently on the rise in the condenser plus the original boiler flue gas condensing heat recovery work, 316L are connected through grooved tubes with removable ferrule connector and header, to facilitate maintenance and replacement. Europe oil and gas boilers have a predetermined minimum boiler thermal efficiency, the lowest thermal efficiency divided by the low calorific value of three categories, namely: a standard boiler efficiency of 82 to 88%; low boiler efficiency of 88.5 - 91.5%; condensing boiler, 97.5 to 99.5% efficiency. European EN6762000 regulations on NOx emissions from burning natural gas value points 1, 2, Level 3 is the lowest emissions, NOx emission value ≤80mg / kWh; US Government regulations California natural gas-fired boiler NOx emissions of different capacity is 10 ~ 25mg / m3 (standard state). Technology development and product manufacturing quality of fuel gas-fired boiler of "Twelfth Five-Year" period made considerable progress, compared with similar foreign products, the gap is not very big, not only greatly improve the level of automation, thermal efficiency and appearance of the product quality has improved very fast, gradually replacing the imported products, imports of fuel gas-fired boiler sales decline every year in our country, but our fuel gas-fired boiler technology still has the following problems: ① domestic production of large gas-fired boiler fuel companies, most based on imitation, product performance quite different; ② domestic only a few manufacturers have the ability to test the boiler plant; boiler for different operating conditions for the verification test less, but rather in order to meet the test requirements factory boiler; heat transfer performance were inadequate in addition to a single heat transfer element research and capacity testing. Compared with European products ③ domestic product, manufacturing details, but also save big big gap on the apparent quality. European industrial design, details of the deal in place, the overall appearance. ④ domestic condensing boiler technology, low nitrogen emissions, and improved technology requires further study; relevant technical standards and specifications needed to improve and increase the thermodynamic calculation of aspect smoke wind resistance calculation, performance test and evaluation. 2 boiler technology research of biomass boilers biomass was first taken seriously in the Nordic countries, followed by the United States carried out a lot of research and development work. Biomass boiler technology is relatively common applications, technology is more mature in foreign countries. They developed products are: ① circulating fluidized bed boiler combustion raw material; ② large-scale burning of wood waste boiler circulating fluidized bed power generation; ③ straw water-cooled vibrating grate boiler, are representatives of foreign development of biomass boilers. Biomass combustion technology and our relation to Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Japan and other countries still in its infancy, the need for pretreatment of biomass, etc., combustion mechanism, boiler design, corrosion, emission reduction and other key technologies research and a breakthrough in order to reduce dependence on coal, oil, and promote the development of related products. The gap between domestic and biomass boilers are mainly: ① foreign biomass boilers generally to large-scale, automated heating direction, more varieties of biomass feedstock used, relatively complete supporting facilities, boilers used for civil applications, using a water-cooled furnace row structure. ② domestic biomass boilers are generally used for power generation. Combustion way they use chain grate, or reciprocating grate combustion CFB combustion mode. ③ uncertain national policy development of biomass boilers, emission requirements around the biomass boilers of different pollutants, resulting in the pace of development of biomass boilers are different. ④ biomass boiler system of design, technology is not advanced enough, need to continuously develop advanced products and technology, especially boiler combustion technology, designed to optimize product performance, environmental emissions targets need to be strictly controlled and continues to increase.

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