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Questions about the gas hot water certification power plant boiler HVAC ducts to resolve the current situation in perspective, the upcoming winter, hot water boilers are mostly used for heating use, then the problem of gas hot water heating projects users are more concerned also have HVAC ducts problem, do the following small series bring you its a simple understanding. HVAC is actually heating boiler pipes and ventilation ducts of the boiler plan, compare these two key issues is the boiler installation. So for this time it is necessary to select the particular look. First, to ensure its tightness, followed by the same wind resistance, noise as small as possible in order to preference, easy to install at the time of installation, less is more important point of connection, it can save a lot of trouble. In short, the installation process, it should be a reasonable plan, in addition to know that it is mainly soda HVAC piping pipeline, its thickness and size are variable, but must grasp the actual situation .

Steam certification power plant boiler is how to maintain safe operation?

Maintenance system of the boiler water level maintenance, maintenance of pressure, temperature maintenance, turn off the power and maintain self-locking maintenance components. Maintain the water level is mainly equipped with two sets of pumps steam boilers, boiler water level gauge two are often compared to each other, not necessarily to find, to be immediately corrected. Water level frequently cleaned to ensure that it is level. Electrode together with a water equilibrium point pipe, it is possible to adopt an accurate water level signal, alarm declared.

Procedure certification power plant boiler boost? Boiler boosting steps are as follows: 1 when the pressure was raised to 0.05; when 0.1MPa, rinsing drum water level gauge. 2. When the pressure was raised to 0.15; 0.2MPa time, closing the drum door air, dehumidifiers hydrophobic door header. 3. When the pressure was raised to 0.25; 0.3MPa when, sequentially lower header sewage water wall door, note drum water level, the boiler feed water should be closed drum, economizer inlet to the recirculation door. 4. When the pressure was raised to 0.3MPa, the notification instrument (h) flushing pipe tables, the contact main steam turbine door open doors steam heating pipe, when the pressure was raised to 0.6; when 0.7MPa, the main valve fully open close the bypass valve. 5. When the pressure was raised to 1MPa, thermal notification into water gauge. 6. When the pressure rose when 2MPa, steady pressure to the boiler conduct a comprehensive inspection found irregularities should be stopped boost, until the fault is cleared, continue to step-up, pressure increased to 2.4MPa, sewage regularly turn. 7. When the pressure rose to 3; when 3.4MPa, rinse Water Level Indicator, notification chemical laboratory quality soft drinks, and equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Boiler and steam conditions

To further reduce emissions of air pollutants and improve air quality of the environment, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government Office issued the "Opinions on accelerating the transformation of the city mentioned standard certification power plant boilers of small and medium" (hereinafter "Opinion"), to accelerate the introduction of Shanghai City small boilers mentioned standard transformation respond positively.

Before the end of 2018, the district in conjunction with boilers and industrial distribution block, complete the development and revision of the Gas Pipeline Network Planning in this area. City, district authorities, according to the unit Gas Pipeline Network Planning and excavation plan, speed up the construction of natural gas pipeline network.

Variety of boiler fuel to replace natural gas, natural gas pipeline network (municipal pipe network to users outside the red line pipe) 50% of the cost of laying borne by the gas company; the remaining 50% by the district government and users each pay half, and encourage qualified district to provide more support. On the outskirts of the gas pipeline construction is temporarily unable to reach enterprises in the region, while ensuring security compliance cases, it can be in the form of non-natural gas pipeline, and implement an orderly transition after the completion of the pipe network. Encourage alternative gas supply business enterprises to provide gas price discount for the gas boiler.

10KV for the implementation of alternative electric boiler, 35KV and other business expansion project, to which the power supply capacity of the electrical part of the boiler, according to the city's non-resident business expansion project quota standards, engineering fees charged by half.

Environment departments to strengthen law enforcement and inspection of boiler units, fuel use, operation and maintenance, equipment maintenance, inspection, non-functioning facility once found, according to the law severely punished; at the same time, strengthen supervision and monitoring, if it is found excessive emissions, according to law strict punishment.

Boiler units and boiler mentioned standard transformation service units bear the main responsibility for the boiler safety issues involved. Site construction unit must have the appropriate boiler manufacture or installation (reconstruction) qualification, boiler commissioning personnel must have the appropriate special equipment operator certificate. Prior to the construction site mentioned standard boiler units to implement the transformation, boiler location should be informed in writing of special equipment regulatory authorities.

The district government is the responsibility of the main boiler to mention the transformation of the standard, according to the "ground principles" to promote the transformation of the boiler. Combined with the actual circumstances of the district reform implementation plan, accelerating the construction of facilities to ensure timely completion of the task of transformation, to ensure that policies and financial support in place.

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