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Opening the water supply valve motor, regenerative electric closing valve, a pressure pump to start the cycle frequency control constant voltage supply, electric boiler starts after about 30 seconds, in such a manner direct supply water to the user. At the end of the water supply, stop circulating pressure pump, electric boiler stops after 60 seconds. When the water reaches the time period, the electric power boiler feed water valve is open, regenerative electric valve is closed, the electric boiler is not working, the circulation pump frequency control water supply pressure. Electric power supply period of boiler feed water valve has been closed, not to pay it to avoid the cold water supply to the user. If the heat storage tank and the temperature is below the set temperature in the regenerator period of 5 ° C, pressure circulation pump into operation again, electric boiler start working after 30 seconds.

The technical characteristics and oil-fired boiler and fuel oil product boiler has three pressure controller, automatic start and stop based on the set pressure value of the pilot burner, adjust the steam pressure within an allowable range of pressure fluctuations; boiler fuel together with the corresponding level control , a water supply and automatic water level indication, alarm, adjust the water level in the normal range. Having a vapor pressure ultra-ultra-low level ﹑ ﹑ ultrahigh level, and indicates to achieve protective stop alarm low level. The boiler has a compact, reliable, practical operation becomes simple, quick installation, less Huanjingwuran, low noise, high efficiency. Technical characteristics of the fuel boiler 1, steam production fast: a small volume of water, heat quickly, heating boost. After 5 minutes start the ignition need to supply steam, with a high efficiency of the separator, to ensure product quality steam. 2, safety: automatic selection of the control, the actual operation is simple. A key to start, the boiler that is self-starting. Combustion, water level, temperature and steam pressure are automatically adjusted to ensure safe operation. 3, easy to install: the whole boiler in the factory assembly, commissioning complete supporting facilities. The boiler in place, only the access of water, electricity, oil, gas and sewage pipes can be put into operation. 4, good sealing performance: dust entire channel inside the boiler body, good security. 5, high thermal efficiency: at the outlet of the boiler fumes are layout heat recovery device, further reducing the temperature of the exhaust system, the lifting more than 2% boiler efficiency. 6, a good pair of combustion systems: the use of world-renowned brands burner, high combustion efficiency and improve boiler efficiency, operational cost savings * bottom line. Oil-fired boiler by the upper body and the lower part of the chain grate composition, consisting of the construction site on the spot. Arranged behind the boiler air preheater. Converted into a high temperature combustion of soot in the furnace are sucked away part of the heat, smoke chamber diverted into the convection heating surface heat exchanger, after the boiler combustion air required for heating the air preheater, induced draft fan and then through the smoke filter gas supplied to the chimney into the atmosphere. The main purposes: as a heat source temperature below 350 ℃ various temperatures, to a wide variety of needs for various fields of high-temperature heating or drying; high temperature, low pressure; * temperature, energy usage rate. Match the sleeve label steam generator and 0.6MPa or less saturated steam, for customer use. The main features of oil-fired boiler: 1. product design, manufacturing, testing in strict accordance with "organic heat carrier furnace safety technology supervision order", GB / T17410-2008 "organic heat carrier furnace" standards, procedures implemented and national special equipment safety supervision by the institutions examination, safe and reliable. 2. Boiler Heating Surfaces selection argon arc welding of full penetration welding, and by X-ray inspection, hydrostatic test pressure keeping qualified to ensure a high welding quality through the national standard. 3. Using unique patented technology arts, Double tube furnace using closely spaced, set top ceiling tubes, both surfaces of the heated tube, the high temperature increases the residence time of soot in the furnace, high thermal efficiency, improved boiler use period. 4. tail heating surface of boiler design arts unique technology and unique staggered arrangement improves the heat transfer coefficient of the boiler to eliminate the problem of heating surface fouling. The realization of automatic coal slag, the matching frequency control fireman art can be reduced to a person to operate. 6. Mechanical forced combustion, special furnace arch design, combustion, smoke and dust, environmental effect. 7. easy to install boilers, overall investment is relatively small, cost-effective. Oil-fired boiler security features and major control points: 1 HTF outlet temperature display: can display and remote site to the control cabinet by the instrument display, the user can set this temperature values, and the induced draft fan interlock, automatic adjust the running, and high temperature alarm. 2. conducting oil inlet temperature display: can display and remote site to the control cabinet by the instrument display. 3. HTF outlet pressure display: can display and remote site to the control cabinet by the instrument display, and ultra-pressure alarm. 4. conducting oil import pressure display: Field to display and remote control via the instrument display cabinet. The expansion tank level control: to achieve expansion tank low level alarm, the system timely reminder fireman oiling art, to ensure safe and reliable operation of the boiler system. 6. The grate speed control using the knob and the display, at any time can be adjusted according to actual situation. 4 t fuel boiler and boiler burner performance exact match, a full automatic adjustment, so that the full combustion, fuel saving, decrease pollution; high-performance fine glass wool insulation, heat loss less; using intelligent power saving control systems, and boiler for the steam (water) to control the system, a combination of different load adjustment fuel supply more energy. Installation for the overall package boilers, vibration, no special requirements on the ground, without a fixed anchor bolts, the installation is simple. Fuel boiler stove construction activity, can match various combustion machine, replace the stove, furnace maintenance quick and easy. Front and rear smoke box using the activity removable structure can be easily carried out on the boiler inspection, maintenance, cleaning, simple, convenient, innovative product design, reasonable structure, good process performance, so that the product has extraordinary outstanding product quality is * the development of new products.

There are four primary classes of biomass fired boiler for power systems: direct-fired, co-fired, gasification, and modular systems. Most of today's biomass power plants are direct-fired systems that are similar to most fossil-fuel fired power plants. The biomass fuel is burned in a boiler to produce high-pressure steam. This steam is introduced into a steam turbine, where it flows over a series of aerodynamic turbine blades, causing the turbine to rotate. The turbine is connected to an electric generator, so as the steam flow causes the turbine to rotate, the electric generator turns and electricity is produced. Biomass power boilers are typically in the 20-50 MW range, compared to coal-fired plants in the 100-1500 MW range. The small capacity plants tend to be lower in efficiency because of economic trade-offs; efficiency-enhancing equipment cannot pay for itself in small plants. Although techniques exist to push biomass steam generation efficiency over 40%, actual plant efficiency are often in the low 20% range.

Our environmental management efforts continue to increase, located in Wuhai City of Inner Mongolia is also actively respond to national policies, by removing, shutting down non-compliance of the measures within the jurisdiction of coal-fired boilers, etc., to improve air quality within the city.

Recently, a reporter to follow the staff Haibo Bay Area environmental monitoring brigade, examined the case of shutting down coal-fired boilers in rural areas. Trinidad town in Wuhai unity Village, coal-fired boiler is the main source of heat in the village residents, schools, hospitals in the town and airport, but because they do not meet environmental requirements, the boiler has been officially shut down at the end of 2018. Haibo Bay Area Environmental Protection Agency environmental monitoring battalion to us to: "Removing the boiler is 20 tons of steam coal-fired boilers, each heating season about to burn more than 3,000 tons of coal in accordance with the municipal government requirements. within the deadline 20 tons of steam boilers to be all removed, replaced with clean energy. since November 2018, this block of sea area has access to a central heating all children. "

So far in 2013, Wuhai City in strict accordance with regulatory requirements grid, earnestly implement the responsibility of inspectors on-site supervision, and has eliminated 20 tons of steam coal-fired boilers for heating and tea bath furnace 791 units, of which 2018 out of 58 units. Meanwhile, municipal and district environmental protection departments at all levels to increase on-site law enforcement and ensure that the boiler is no longer out of the resurgence. Up to now, it has no built-up area of ​​Wuhai City and 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers to achieve a stable discharge standards.

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Electric Steam Generator

1. Steam boiler can be controlled by group, It can save energy when it started the corresponding heating group according steam volume 2. It equip with safety valve, pressure controller and other overpressure protection, so as to prevent the steam boiler from explosion caused by excessive pressure 3.

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Heat Shrink Sleeve Bottle Label Machine With Steam Generator

Heat Shrink Sleeve Bottle Label Machine With Steam Generator, US $ 12,500 - 21,000 / Set, 1 Year, Bottles, Plastic, Wood.Source from Zhangjiagang Sunswell Machinery

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Steam Label Shrink Machine Wholesale, Shrink Machine offers 2,268 steam label shrink machine products. About 53% of these are labeling machines, 18% are wrapping machines. A wide variety of steam label shrink machine options are available to you, such as apparel, beverage, and food.

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Steam Generator - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Dipak K. Sarkar, in Thermal Power Plant, 2015. 2.3.1 Water and steam circuit. At operating pressure, temperature of the feedwater, prior to entering the steam generator, is less than that at the saturated condition, i.e., the entering feedwater is under the subcooled condition.

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