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View the actual emissions of the student project on boiler automation investigation: In early 2015 the national industrial boilers Gas detection statistics showed that only 35% of the nitrogen oxides emission concentration ≤200mg / m3 of gas boilers. 2016 Environmental Sciences Beijing city gas detection result of industrial boilers, the average concentration of nitrogen oxides emissions was 133mg / m3, while accounting for more than 150mg / m3 43%. 2017 and the year 2018 is to focus on low-nitrogen transformation of Beijing Gas boiler, final results after the transformation now, there are no data, but it is expected that Beijing local standards and regulations there is a gap. Data from the national point of view, and emission reduction of nitrogen oxides is still long way to go. Therefore, for a reasonable low NOx combustion technology, control technology has become urgent to be studied and solved. From design to consultants, from the manufacturers to the party needs to attract enough attention, especially manufacturers of boilers and burners and combustion technology product itself must be improved in order to meet the current emission standards everywhere.

Comprehensive reduce coal consumption, a few days ago, Baoding, Hebei Province issued a "blue sky Baoding win the Battle of three-year action plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Program"), "plan" put forward specific solutions.

First, the heating pollution control

1, to reduce total coal consumption

Adopt an integrated coal reduction measures to reduce coal consumption. Reduction of new coal project alternatives. Complete bulk coal clean alternative area designated as a "ban on coal zone", in addition to electricity, central heating and raw coal coal-fired outside the "clear." Promote the use of clean coal, non-coal for electricity cuts, increase the proportion of electricity from coal. Enhance the proportion of clean energy, and actively develop renewable energy. Industrial Waste efficient alternatives such as coal and waste heat supply heat. Multi-channel expansion of natural gas supply, accelerate the construction of natural gas production, supply and storage sales system, develop non-fossil clean energy, give priority to renewable energy generation Internet, and actively carry out the heat, wind, solar and biomass energy use pilot projects. Encourage the development of biomass thermoelectric County have the resources to conditions of heat and power, biomass briquette boilers and scale natural gas chemical and biological substances. By taking measures to reduce coal comprehensive, complete province to decide Yajian coal consumption targets.

2, accelerate rural clean heating

To proceed from reality, should the electric power, gas should the gas, the coal should be coal, it should be hot is hot, the raised ring Beijing, the main city of Central City and other plain areas, rational distribution of science, science and progress targets set number of transformation to ensure the safety of the masses warm winter.

① heating diversified towns, villages conditional alternate embodiment of central heating.

② the completion of basic insurance North "ban on coal zone" and change to gas, electric construction of the main city, the main city ring accelerate dispersion of coal-fired and alternative Baonan key counties, and strive to three years to a total ban on the use of decentralized heating fuel Plains coal. "Substitution of gas for coal" adhere to the "gas will change" to ensure safe construction, safe use, security management, gas boiler energy efficiency of not less than level 2. The development of gas "pressure uninsured people" program, detailed list of contingency plans.

③ local conditions and actively promote photovoltaic solar, wind, biomass, geothermal heating mode, the implementation of solar heating pilot demonstration projects.

④ can not be implemented in rural mountainous areas clean heating transformation, and actively promote clean coal, and improve supply security system, the implementation of clean coal underpinning policy.

⑤ support agricultural production priority use of renewable energy, encourage the use of gas-generation coal, electricity generation of clean coal and other fuels such as coal generations, the phasing out of agricultural production in the plains with scattered coal-fired. 2019 basically completed the bulk of agricultural production of coal governance.

3, accelerate urban central heating

Promoting cogeneration heating energy structure, large-scale coal-fired boilers, geothermal energy, industrial waste heat as the main heat source, natural gas, electrical energy, biomass and other as complementary. Making full use of industrial waste heat, the conditions of the county to implement a city of a centralized heat source, synchronized planning and construction of central heating pipe network, and promote town extends to the surrounding heat source. Develop distributed heating gas boilers, electric boilers and other heat storage. Scientific and rational use of geothermal heating, into a film support regional development and utilization of geothermal heat pumps and the construction of gas distributed power station. Urban central heating can not cover all the villages in the implementation of clean energy alternatives.

4, strengthen the clean energy supply security

Establish a sound working mechanism of gas, emergency power supply security, oil and gas pipeline protection, on the basis of 2017 filled the gap on natural gas, natural gas plan focus on incremental substitution of gas for coal project in 2018, the 2018-2019 heating season to ensure that dual-generation project gas, electricity supply effectively improve the city's energy level security operation. Strengthen protection for air supply and power supply capacity, speed up the layout of the building and the city and county levels peaking gas storage facilities supply business, accelerate the improvement of the power grid and gas pipeline construction.

5, strengthen the bulk coal market and poor quality coal for control

According to sector regulation, local management, levels of responsibility and "who approved, who control", "who is in charge, who is the principle of supervision", strict bulk coal production, processing, storage, sale and use of corporate governance. Strengthen departmental interaction of law enforcement, strengthening the floor management to crack down on sales (including online sales) and use low-quality coal for violations. Strict control of industrial and civil coal quality, strict implementation of "coal quality coal for civilian goods" (GB34169-2017) standard, the quality of coal supplied to customers production and processing enterprises must meet the "industrial and domestic fuel coal" Hebei (DB13 / 2081-2014) local standards.

6, out of the transformation of coal-fired boilers to strengthen and deepen governance

Demolition firm covering central heating boilers scattered coal-fired in the area. The completion of the city 35 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boiler, stove and stove operating a small coal stove replace the task of transformation. Before the end of 2019, more than 35 tons of steam / h coal-fired boiler basically completed colored plume governance reform and ultra-low emissions, coal-fired boiler to retain the overall emission limits and achieve energy efficiency standards. Promote clean coal-fired boilers. A ban on new 35 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers. The main city and counties (cities, districts) ban on new built-up area 35 steam tons / hour and below a biomass boiler, more than 35 tons of steam / hour biomass boiler to achieve ultra-low emissions standards. Out central heating pipe network coverage and bulk coal fired boilers in the range, it does not have the area in cogeneration district heating conditions, and the like may principle of volume replacement, construction of large-capacity coal-fired central heating boilers alternative. Start the implementation of the transformation of low-nitrogen combustion gas boiler.

7, improve energy efficiency

Implementation of dual control action the total energy consumption and intensity. Improve energy efficiency standards, develop, promote energy-saving technologies and products to achieve key energy industries, energy-saving equipment standard full coverage. Increase efforts to promote green buildings, new urban civil implementation of green building standards. Promoting intelligent heating system reform, promote the transformation of urban residential energy efficient building renovation have value, promote Murai housing wall energy saving, improve energy efficiency of urban and rural housing construction.

100 Bath heads need much student project on boiler automations: For many users want to run the bath, according to the number of nozzles and the estimated number of how much water boiler is a very difficult thing. Here, we head to 100, with an average temperature of 40-60 ℃ bath, for example, to answer your questions how much of boiler equipment.

The tonnage of the student project on boiler automation and boiler and furnace and meaning Note: the boiler, which is that we must know and master? He raised the issue, mainly in order to elicit the article content. So, then, will be carried out by a number of specific questions and answers that, namely, answering questions on the boiler, so, so that everyone on this important product, have a deep understanding. 1. two tons boiler, which specifically refers to what? 20 # boiler steel they use, how high can withstand temperatures? 2 tons of boiler, which can be either steam boilers, hot water boilers can be. If it is a steam boiler, then the rated evaporation capacity of the boiler per hour, it is 2 tons. If it is a hot water boiler, then, it is for the hot water boiler 1.2 million kcal, that is, 1.4 MW hot water boiler. 20 # boiler steel they use, in which can withstand the temperature, if it is before, is 480 degrees, however, the new standard, is specified as 450 degrees.

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