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Burner arrangement 1. The fuel gas burner arrangement of the list of companies in philippines boiler fuel is currently produced quick type of fuel for the boiler to a small volume, high furnace thermal load, there are two main measures: The first is to improve the quality of atomization burner, the first Second, reducing the fan speed at the outlet of the burner, the inside of the gas flow more intense mixing. The cross section of the gas flow is reduced, it is strongly combustion, it is disposed closely related to the furnace burner heat load. Small single burner fuel boiler are disposed in a vertical furnace roof or bottom, depending on the direction of travel of flue gas, generally horizontal fire tube boiler quick 1-2 are arranged burners, arranged horizontally. For coal-fired boilers into water tube boiler or oil-fired boiler, and the center of the burner is not less than the distance spacer 1 ~ 1.2m, the lower stage burner close to the hearth of not less than 1M; The selection of two burners, the the distance between the center should be kept about 1m, the rotational wind and the two burners should steering contrast, when the amount of fuel to the burner single 500 ~ l000kg / h, the furnace depth is not less than 4M; fuel consumption of 200 ~ 500kg / h, the furnace depth is not less than 3m. Large furnace size and shape of the fuel boiler 2. The nature of the relationship gas burner arrangement of the boiler, gas boiler combustion process is simpler than the fuel, the shorter the time required for combustion, and thus smaller furnace volume required, the burner is arranged to be combined with the shape of the furnace considered together, fullness good flame, flame erosion less water wall principle, the general arrangement of a gas boiler burner, so that the system is simple, easy operation and management, investment. Larger capacity of the gas boiler, the burner may be arranged in two. Usually vertical arrangement, even when the load is reduced, disabling a burner, the furnace will not cause deviation from the center of the flame, affect the reliability and the superheater temperature deviation of the water cycle. Shell type structure due to restrictions by the boiler, furnace are double horizontally arranged symmetrically, each one arranged in each furnace burners, gas boiler burners can be arranged in the boiler front wall, a bottom, if the flue gas outlet at the bottom of the furnace , the burner may be arranged in the roof.

Condensing heat recovery list of companies in philippines boiler comprises a latent heat of vaporization and sensible heat of the water vapor portion of the high temperature flue gas. Recovering sensible heat change with decreasing flue gas temperature is not great; recovered latent heat of vaporization of water vapor as the temperature decrease vary greatly, when the higher exhaust gas temperature, very little recovery of latent heat, with significantly lower exhaust gas temperature, the recovery of latent heat increases rapidly, and subsequently stabilized, condensed from the point of view, the difficulty of flue gas condensation of the flue gas with decreasing temperature and increasing.

Phase out coal-fired list of companies in philippines boilers, promote air pollution control is an important measure to improve the air quality of the environment. Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, according to the central and provincial government deployment requirements, in-depth launched out of control for coal-fired boilers, and comprehensively promote the city's 35 tons of steam / coal-fired boiler sales and less "clear" work to ensure the city's air quality improved and enhanced.

The phase-out of coal-fired boiler from the following three points.

First, the coal-fired boilers carry out a comprehensive investigation work.

Depth investigation and the remodeling phase out coal-fired boilers and "coal to electricity", "coal to gas" and so on, electricity consumption by verifying the number of boilers and eliminated the need for the transformation of gas to develop a control list in 2018 coal-fired boilers to natural gas, electricity security for the ability to determine the "coal to electricity", the number of "coal to gas," the boiler. Do a boiler in a table, as well as finishing the complete elimination of the transformation of the way, rectification, acceptance, responsibility for people's list, to lay the foundation for the next phase out coal-fired boilers governance.

Second, carry out the phase-out coal-fired boilers.

Carry out a comprehensive phase-out 35 tons of steam / hour and below the coal-fired boiler, stove, operating a small coal stove, the main urban built-up areas and the urban fringe, and built-up areas within the county Economic Development Zone range, a ban on new coal-fired boilers other regional ban on new 35 steam tons / hour and below the coal-fired boilers. For central heating central heating in the official website of the area covered, when not incorporated central heating, heating mode using a variety of propulsion power, natural gas, industrial waste heat utilization, and energy from the source to control pollution.

Third, strongly promote the boiler-depth treatment.

Focus on pollution control bulk coal, comprehensive transformation of the use of coal boilers and generators. Stoker addition, stoker furnace, over the remaining 65 tons of steam / h coal-fired boiler to complete the transformation process ultra-low emissions, the city above 35 t steam / hour is then mounted boiler line monitoring devices, and environmental protection authorities and networking, production facilities and quality facilities simultaneously, real-time monitoring.

Second, shutdown

1, when the furnace pressure reaches the set value is automatically shut down, then the operator does not carry out any operation;

2, when the shift down and stop human, then the operator should press the stop key boiler controller, turn off the burner, and then turn off the controller; Once complete stop combustion disconnect main power supply;

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