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For example water tube boilers company com price related factors and different price factors Boiler: Boiler price, which is an important aspect of the boiler, particularly in boilers to buy the product, is a specific aspect must be taken into account. So, since this is an important aspect of the boiler, and at the beginning of the article mentioned that the following may wish to get to know to find out, so the site can also learn about the different aspects of the product, and it is also able to broaden their knowledge add some expertise. Household coal-fired boilers, boiler their price? Domestic coal-fired boilers, boiler on its price, mainly to see the heating area, because it is determined. If, heating area is 200 square meters, then the price of the boiler is about a few thousand dollars. Moreover, the boiler is automatic temperature control, then up to 91% in thermal efficiency. 2.15 tons of steam boilers, boiler their price and what about? 15 tons of steam boilers, boiler their price-related factors, mainly fuel type, steam pressure, boiler structure and auxiliary accessories such as these. So, we want these into account, so, in order to make an accurate judgment, and get the right result, then, to choose the right product, to avoid making mistakes.

In the near future, at home and abroad more than hazardous chemicals, major accidents have occurred, causing casualties and property losses. Is a profound lesson, Henan Energy Regulatory Office will co-Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on alternative transformation of the province's coal-fired power business major hazard (liquid ammonia tank)" and actively promote the province's power industry ammonia tank alternative transformation.

"National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Board to implement the views on the promotion of electricity reform and development of the field of safety of" clearly "to strengthen the major hazards source control, there are significant hazards during the production of coal-fired power generation enterprises should study the implementation of major hazards alternative rehabilitation programs. " Henan Province TV as fire, liquid ammonia tank safety risk management and control situation is grim. To actively implement the "opinions" requirements, Henan Energy Regulatory Office investigation and carefully combing the province's power industry the basic situation of major hazards, and actively carry out reconstruction work research initiative to communicate the situation with the Office of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial emergency management, efforts to promote reconstruction work as soon as possible. "Notice" requirement province of the power generation enterprises should further enhance political stance, overcome difficulties, vigorously promote the major hazard (liquid ammonia tank) and Improvement, under the premise to ensure safe production, the province's coal-fired generating units and strive to 2020 in liquid ammonia tank renovation completed before the end of December. New coal-fired power generation projects should all use the technical route no major hazard.

Next, Henan Energy Regulatory Office will replace liquid ammonia around the transformation as an important safety regulation. For failure to complete the transformation of liquid ammonia replacement power companies, to be included in the list of key regulatory target, for there are significant risks or accidents in accordance with regulations to be strictly punished according to law, and urge enterprises to strictly implement the main responsibility to effectively prevent accidents, efforts to increase intrinsic safety level of the enterprise.

To get gas water tube boilers company com energy-saving operation, the measures to be taken in recent years, the national ambient air quality for more stringent supervision, the country more regions have entered an important period of development of environmental governance. Boiler to provide energy as the main force, the regulatory environment is the main object of regulation. With clean gas boiler, environmental performance advantages, widely used in all walks of life. This paper made a brief discussion on the gas boiler in the operation of existing problems, as well as the experience of the energy-saving operation. A gas present in the energy-saving operation of the boiler main contradiction required for combustion, in addition to combustible material gas, together with sufficient oxygen, oxygen is mainly from the air. In addition, a sufficiently high temperature is essential. In general, the combustion conditions comprises: a proportion of combustible material, oxygen molecules and a certain temperature. The energy conservation law, the release of gas entering the boiler system total energy q, should be equal to the total energy flowing from the boiler system comprising a furnace heat absorption water q1, bad water absorption cycle heat q2, loss of incomplete combustion Q3, Q4 heat, smoke q5. That is: q = q1 + q2 + q3 + q4 + q5. We can see from the above equation, it must be reduced in order to achieve fuel savings Q3 loss of incomplete combustion, and heat loss due to heat q4 q5. Among them, heat losses q5 that is where the greatest energy loss, and most have a recycling value. To make full use of the energy produced by combustion of the fuel, it is necessary to minimize the exhaust gas temperature. However, reducing the exhaust gas temperature in the actual operation of the boiler will produce such a large amount of condensed water, causing corrosion to the boiler thereby shortening the life of the boiler. Boiler flue gas temperature is lower condensed water is greater, the greater the harm caused by the boiler. That is the lower the boiler flue gas temperature, lower operating costs, greater harm to the boiler, the higher the cost; the higher the boiler flue gas temperature, higher operating costs, but less harmful to the boiler, using the lower the cost. This contradiction is the main problem, GAS boiler operation impact. Second, the method of reducing the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler route 1 increased tail heating surface, i.e. the installation of the boiler economizer (or condenser) to reduce exhaust gas temperature. After entering the boiler economizer outlet flue gas from the rear of the boiler, the flue gas absorption part of the heat, out of the low-temperature economizer flue stack emissions reentry heat boiler economizer heating boiler return absorbed, thereby improving the return water temperature, while reducing the exhaust gas temperature and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Boiler economizer arrangement there is a significant advantage to improve the economizer return temperature of the boiler, can significantly reduce the generation of condensed water boiler, a boiler body for protection, but the condensed water economizer itself is very large , so the corrosion generated is very large, but with the energy-saving boiler is arranged separately, leakage and other conditions of corrosion maintenance costs to replace the energy-saving device is far below the cost of running the boiler. 2, the exhaust arrangement (flue gas) heat recovery. Exhaust heat recovery from the flue gas passage to increase spray tower, heat exchange by spraying water mixed with the flue gas, a large amount of heat carried away by the fumes spray water, reduced exhaust gas temperature, high temperature spray water is pressurized by the circulating pump through a heat exchanger or other heating boiler return mechanisms, in order to achieve recycling of flue gas waste heat of exhaust gas temperature is reduced, saving energy and reducing the running cost and the fuel. Than the exhaust heat recovery economizer much better energy-saving effect, even some devices may be the flue gas water vapor latent heat recovery. But the exhaust heat recovery unit investment, more equipment, additional operating costs also, the failure rate is high. The economizer is simple and reliable, no mechanical component failure rate, operating costs are zero. Which method is more suitable for specific use, but also to all of you to choose according to their own characteristics situation. Third, reduce condensation water boiler operation measures by increasing heating surface or rear of the boiler flue gas heat recovery unit, may be fully recovered heat loss boiler. Improve when the boiler boiler load, reducing the number of operating units to minimize the situation of low load boiler running multiple online. Boiler flue gas temperature as high as possible, as much as possible to avoid the situation boiler produces condensation water appears to reduce the corrosion of boiler condensate, to extend the life of the boiler. Carried in the flue gas, the unused energy to the heating surface of the tail to be recycled, which saves the cost of using the boiler, but also save operating costs of gas consumption, thereby achieving energy saving purposes, increasing the economic efficiency of enterprises . With the continuous improvement and the rapid development of industrial level of our national economy, gas boiler applications more widely. Especially in recent years, air quality has become a major environmental problem the government is particularly concerned, in the promotion, use and development of a gas boiler future period will enter a new phase. Study and solve the issues affecting energy-saving operation of a gas boiler, and constantly improve the operating efficiency of the gas boiler, saving energy, reducing emissions, businesses and society as a whole will bring enormous economic and social benefits.

If you want low-nitrogen transformation water tube boilers company com, this article will give you some advice, whether coal-fired boilers will be replaced by gas-fired boilers, gas boilers will be replaced or lower emissions of nitrogen oxides Ultra Low NOx boiler, the key lies combustion reconstruction's. So, when the boiler during low nitrogen transformation, commissioning and maintenance of gas burners should pay attention to what aspects of it, today shared by the fast boiler small series, and to the right. 1, a gas burner ignition process occurs twice in a row failure, downtime, burner air supply system is normal inspection, the circuit wiring is correct, after the lifting of the fault before restarting the burner. 2, the air supply line with a wrench or non-metal rods tapping, friction or static electricity to avoid sparks, causing an explosion of gas. 3, the air supply manifold is prohibited flange or pipe smoking, etc., welding, cutting and other illegal operations. 4, is strictly prohibited in any open flame test and the next line pressure regulator valve group and avoid a major accident. 5, in the air supply line, the evacuation is carried out, but the residual wall gas or liquid droplets, in case, electrostatic sparks and flame also cause fire and explosion. 6, when the air supply has the same period, and when disassembling valve failure, it shall be first distal manifold valve, then the valve to the manifold to the total length of tubing in which the gas is vented before it can be disassembled with the valve service. 7, prohibit the use of non-explosion-proof electrical power tools in the field. 8, leak valve means must be checked before use. 9, before burning starts, the supply pressure testing must be done to check for leaks, after confirming normal, then a simulation run. 10, when the burner is not used to inform the customer off power supply main valve and the main switch. 11, the night is not recommended for debugging burning machine. 12, at the end of commissioning, to organize training of operating personnel to use the operating direction, establish operating procedures, if necessary. Commissioning and maintenance of the contents of the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler burners on to share so much, if you have more need to know where you can directly contact us Henan fast boiler. We will assign a professional engineer boiler technology for each customer, full help answer your questions.

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