boiler stove insert stove room heater fires

Boiler also added insulation and mute elements, working noise less than 60 decibels (normal speaking voice), almost no noise pollution affect the environment, so the boiler stove insert stove room heater fires can be placed in living cells use, will not affect the normal life of the residents, there was no nuisance phenomenon.

What are popular because gas condensing boiler stove insert stove room heater fires has a lot of countries are now proposed energy saving low-carbon travel, many industrial areas bring reliable and comfortable life for us, while also minimizing the pollution of our planet, for the environment quality to make a contribution. Now the production of boilers are upgrading from generation to generation, not only the large increase in quality, but also a great breakthrough on energy saving. Gas condensing boiler is now a very popular boiler, the hot gas condensing boiler Why so popular? 1, the condensate is thermally efficient energy saving by far the most heat into an energy saving mode, this technology can be recycled flue gas, resulting in higher heat. So, use of this gas condensing boiler technology can play a complete combustion, but also can effectively reduce some or toxic exhaust gas emissions would be less pollution of the environment, we will be able to breathe more fresh air to a point. 2, intelligent control systems and now there will be a lot of boiler manufacturing process is not up to our daily lives or their own use are not standardized, resulting in damage to the boiler or for our own security has caused dangerous. But gas condensing boiler at the time of manufacture, installation of intelligent recognition, multi-directional detection, not only a lot of easy in operation, and do not worry about the course of our dangerous. 3, the general design of a long period of use boiler in terms of the parts are not perfect, nor is equipped with such advanced intelligent identification system, resulting in abnormal there is no way to automatically control occurs during use, which greatly reduces the time of the boiler, life so short a boiler in their daily lives are we going to be replaced frequently. The high-performance gas condensing boilers do not need to worry about this point, would choose to import brand in the choice of materials and other accessories, it is to be able to increase the period of use. The type of boiler production now there are many, usually require frequent use, choose a good gas condensing boiler as possible. The long period of use to avoid the risk of broken boiler needs to be replaced, always replace the boiler also need to waste a lot of time to install, the human and material resources is not a good thing. Furthermore, the use of gas condensing boiler itself is kind of safety protection, to have a good experience in their daily lives, with a comfortable nature can give little protection.

National Day holiday just ended, Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau threw himself into the urban environment construction. Before the onset of winter, the Shenyang municipal government will strictly control the air pollution problem. It is reported that Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau issued out since November 1, Shenyang will strictly enforce the standards of air pollutants emission limits in particular, all the environmental standards of heating enterprises will be cleared out of the heating market.

Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau issued "on the thermal power industry, coal-fired boilers execution of air pollutants in particular emission limits of the notice" in the next year (the "Notice") requires: Thermal power within the gamut of Shenyang, iron and steel, petrochemical industry and fuel emissions of air pollutants in coal boiler project "thirteen five" period should implement special emission limit standards.

Shenyang is also a good environmental citizen blue sky, Shenyang City this winter and will continue to adhere to "turn point furnace, load shifting blocked arteries," the implementation of standards. After heating units gradually open blocked arteries, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will strengthen the routine inspection of law enforcement, and pay close attention to on-line monitoring data 474 coal-fired boilers, boiler emissions of non-compliance immediately ordered to carry out rectification, and severely dealt with strictly waste-water treatment, ultra row of such acts. At the same time, the Shenyang municipal government will also heating units regularly conduct random sampling of coal quality.

It is understood, Shenyang open blocked arteries in succession since October 26 from heating. To ensure that excessive heat stable and safe operation standards, Shenyang will be fully commissioning of heating facilities, to solve problems in a timely manner to ensure the November 1 time blocked arteries heating, the temperature reaches above 18 ℃. After the blocked arteries, Shenyang will strictly implement the winter heating emergency plans to complete the repair within 6 hours general accident, complete repairs within 24 hours more accidents.

Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau official says, the environmental protection department will be heating business day on-line monitoring, and strictly control their emissions of air pollutants. Over the years, Shenyang has been doing the heating business "remove small and large," the relevant measures, so that some can not afford to increase environmental protection facilities of small companies to large companies merge powerful, let Shenyang municipal heating more environmentally friendly. Strict implementation of the special emission limits of air pollutants standards, both national policy, but also the heating of corporate responsibility, companies must increase investment in environmental protection to ensure the discharge standards.

It is understood that this year, the Shenyang municipal heating will continue to increase the proportion of clean energy, clean coal existing store 230,000 tons, an increase of 30,000 tons last year. Shenyang City, natural gas and other clean energy heating an area of ​​150 million square meters, clean heating the proportion reached 45%, up 6% over last year. Reduction of 1 million tons of total coal year, 5000 tons of coal-fired boilers to complete denitrification, the city starting from November 1 particularly strict implementation of air pollutants emission limits.

In the boiler stove insert stove room heater fires heat losses, heat losses of water vapor carried by 55% to 75% of the heat losses, if the flue gas temperature down to flue gas condensation temperature, by recycling the latent heat of water vapor, can be very effective reduce heat loss and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Condensing boiler flue gas temperature can be dropped to below 40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, not only the latent heat of vaporization of water vapor can be recovered, but also removing harmful substances in the flue gas; thermal efficiency also increases as the amount of condensation of water vapor increases.

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