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In order to further standardize Xuzhou City, air pollution control construction and operation management, protecting and improving the quality of the environment, prevent environmental pollution, introduced the "Xuzhou City in 2019 the thermal power industry, air pollution control basic norms." For the raw fuel storage, handling, transportation, storage byproducts, transport, collecting and centralizing the flue gas treatment systems and other aspects of the essence of the specific requirements.

First, all coal-fired units desulfurization facilities required to install, in addition to coal-fired circulating fluidized bed boiler units to be installed denitration facilities, coal and biomass fuel units to be equipped with efficient dust removal facilities. Desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal device processing capabilities must meet the production needs, we must be able to maintain long-term stable operation, must be professional manufacturers design, produce qualified products. Exhaust pipe shall be provided with permanent sampling ports and in accordance with national and regulatory requirements related to the construction of Jiangsu Province.

Second, the boiler produces air pollutants must be in accordance with national standards and requirements related to Jiangsu Province, construction of flue gas collection systems and centralized purification facilities, flaring has been the implementation of "coal to gas," "dry FGD" and included in discontinued closure plan outside the coal boiler, and the rest are required to install the cooling and dehumidification systems, and to ensure proper operation.

The use of horizontal harga steam boiler baru of the same type, each with four compressors, allows a fine performance gradation without loss in efficiency and load covering of still 66 % while failure of a machine. The use of the heat in the sewage flotation storage is discussed and prepared.

What to do before checking gas boiler start? Since the gas boiler is a steam and pressure apparatus having a container, so if if not in accordance with the safety rules will easily lead to an accident during the operation, so that workers in the operation of gas boiler according to a certain regulation program and to execute the relevant ready to run and shift recording. Following on from the gas boiler manufacturers to introduce high stability oven before start check what to do. 1. Check the appearance of the boiler and gas pressure at the time ready to start gas boiler fireman on duty should first do a comprehensive inspection, including the appearance of the boiler, valves and various joints, and also check the gas pressure, ensure that the pressure value is not within the normal range is too high or too low, after checking the normality of the gas supply valve to open. 2, check the water supply system in the gas boiler when burning is to have water inside, otherwise the danger occurs. So, before you start the furnace fireman who should check the water supply system, the pump can see Sheung Shui, Sheung Shui, if you can not normally necessary to play an open air release valve, pump can know until the start Sheung Shui, and then open the water supply system each valve. 3, check the water level inside the boiler if the gas too much water or too little will affect the safe operation of the boiler, do check the water level before the start of the furnace is very important, because the water level of the role is to be able to let the fireman keep abreast currently there is also much water boiler. So, before the gas boiler water level started to look at the position is normal, but also depends on the water level and the water level meter-bit color plug is in the open position, to avoid the phenomenon of false water level, and then observe whether the water shortage, if the lack of water can manually Sheung Shui. Able to meet the customer's gas boiler manufacturers tell you, that's the matter before the start gas-fired boiler furnace fireman who needs to be checked, in addition to these, the fireman who also check the windshield on the flue and to ensure that all in the open state. Only when all aspects are carefully check the boiler officially started well before gas-fired boiler.

What are the advantages of condensing boilers as condensing boiler boiler industry a new product, which itself has many advantages make efficient use of the boiler is very high, so that the application field of condensing boilers have become very wide. In this paper, around condensing boilers to discuss, detailed analysis about why such a boiler by consumers, specific about its several advantages. First, energy saving, environmental condensing boiler uses a metal fiber surface of the premix combustion mode, such combustion can be thoroughly mixed prior to combustion of air and natural gas in accordance with a certain proportion, the mixed gas can be sufficiently done burning, so it will not because of the presence of residual and waste of resources. In such a case, the combustion process in the condensing boiler, capable of effectively reducing the generation of polluting gases to meet environmental requirements. Second, high performance, low noise condensing boilers because of the design to be occupied by small location, using multiple linkage control operation, the operation is very simple. Built-condensing boiler burner, while the boiler flame combustion micro belongs, so that only a very small sound generated during combustion, so that flue can reduce noise, and the use of a low-noise blower fan, can be done from inside the boiler perform acoustic treatment. Third, long life, high efficiency condensing boiler made of aluminum silicon, antioxidant, scale special waterproof treatment, a long service life. While condensing high-efficiency heat exchanger boiler design, large heating area arranged, condensation latent heat recovery technology, and the small volume of water, high thermal efficiency. Fourth, safe, stable to run at a condensing boiler domestic gas pressure, and may be shared with a cell gas supply system, without opening fee, pre-condensing boiler technology fully premixed air and natural gas, air-fuel ratio will not improper deflagration, intelligent multi-interlocking control, instructions misfiring does not occur. Several advantages of the above points is condensing boiler is located, it is the presence of these advantages, which makes condensing boilers can be recognized by consumers and welcome in many areas. Of course, as a professional condensing boiler, it has the advantage very much, the article is only introduced a few of them, condensing boilers need to get real experience in use.

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